• Orvital S.p.A.

    For the care of plants, flowers and for protection against insects and harassing animals

  • an ever-evolving production process

    Quality care in the respect of the environment, this is our productive philosophy

  • Research & Developemnt

    Improving the work flow to be more competitive

  • Private label

    A high degree of flexibility to propose ad hoc solutions

  • Distribution

    We are present in well over 30 countries

  • Products for the care of plants and flowers - products for the care of lawn, garden and kitchen garden - specific products for citruses, azaleas, geraniums, orchids, hydrangeas, roses, ornamental and flowering plants in general - liquid, granulated, powdered fertilizers - biological, natural, organic fertilizers - leafshines - correctives - green correctives -  disaccustomers - insecticides for plants and kitchen garden - fungicides for plants and kitchen garden - anticryptogamics for plants and kitchen garden - herbicides - seeds - moulds - substrata - products against ants, cockroaches and creeping insects - products against flies, mosquitoes and flying insects -  mosquito repellents and after-bite products - products to water potted plants - products to decorate plants and flowers

Company profile

A over 50 years lasting history

We offer targeted technological solutions, services, professionalism, expertise and a complete manufacturing process. We work closely with the customer to develop private label products, providing assistance, advice, and solutions.
Over the years, we have achieved leadership positions in the field also at an international level, thanks to a policy aimed at meeting the needs of end-consumer retailers and end-customers, offering quality tested and guaranteed products, constantly updated with the challenges of the market.

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