Our Company

Our core business has always been the research, development and production of a wide range of specific, innovative and high quality fertilizers and biostimulants, in order to respond effectively to the diversified demands in the hobby and professional market.

from the foundation...

We are an Italian company founded in 1959 in Milan with operational headquarters and logistics center in Settimo Milanese (MI) and production located in Rho (MI). In 1966 the FLORTIS® trademark was born, registered internationally with only a few products made in Italy for the care of plants and flowers. In 1969 we inaugurated the Via Tortona office: almost 2,000 m² of offices, warehouses and operational departments. With the expansion of the market we have acquired more sales quotas and as a result we have progressively widened the production sector to have a truly broad product line, one of the most complete in the sector and above all highly specialized. In 1985 we built a new structure that occupies an area of over 10,000 m² of which about 5,000 covered in Settimo Milanese, just outside Milan, with all the requirements for the establishment of a company by now of considerable size. In 2009 the opening and inauguration of the second plant in Rho, also in the province of Milan, where we transfer and expand the entire production sector.


...to the developement...

Today we are able to guarantee our customers a complete assistance thanks to the know-how in the definition of the formulas, in the regulations and in the industrialization of the products. We have made great progress: in the commercial field with the total coverage of the national territory and with the internationalization of the company deriving from its presence in over 30 countries; in the marketing sector with the expansion of the range and partnership agreements; in the technical field with numerous product innovations, with the implementation of various research and development projects, with the adoption of sophisticated quality control procedures; in the IT field with the inclusion of a complex system of edp.

towards the future

Our deep commitment in the field of research and development, in collaboration with universities and research institutes, has given rise to a constant drive towards innovation. In 2013 we have extensively developed and enriched the range of organic products. With the increased sensitivity to environmental issues and the attention to the safety of operators and consumers, our knowledge, acquired in the development of formulations of natural origin, have contributed to the consolidation of our leadership position in the Bio market. In 2016 the products for Vegan Friendly® plants are launched, free of substances of animal origin and naturally rich in amino acids and vitamins. At the end of 2017, after some years of study, we presented an absolute novelty in the sector: the Flortis Homeoplant® line. 5 homeopathic preparations each of which performs a specific action. They are neither pesticides nor fertilizers but - thanks to the particular raw materials contained of plant, animal and mineral origin - they stimulate the balance of natural processes, control infestations, reinforce the growth of the treated plants.